Наклейки своими руками для детей

Наклейки своими руками для детей

Наклейки своими руками для детей

Наклейки своими руками для детей

Наклейки своими руками для детей

Ukraine will be represented at Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 by "Sympho-Nick" trio with the song "Pryyde vesna" (Spring will come). It's members come from different cities of Ukraine: Sofia Kutsenko - from the city of Kharkiv in North-East, Amaliya Kryms'ka - from Simferopol in Crimea in South, and Marta Rak - from Lviv, in West of Ukraine. Trio was established by production center "Paradiz" from the winners of the second season of the show "Music Academy of Eurovision" specially for the participation in the preselection for Junior Eurovision Song Contest. It is interesting that besides singing achievements, all three girls possess "Mini Miss" titles of beauty pageants.

Sofia Kutsenko was born in Kharkiv on August 27, 2002. She began singing and playing music (piano) at the age of 5, and working with vocal coach from the age of 8.

Participation in the Junior Eurovision was always a dream of Sofia and in 2013 she already took part in the national preselection final with a solo song "Rozpovid", finishing 4th. Sofia participated in many competitions, reached high results, including "Krok to zirok" (Step to the stars) (2013) (1st place), "Spring edition of Zoryanі Mosty 2013" (Grand Prix), "Zoryanі mosty for the International Children Day" (Grand Prix), "Zіrkofest 2013" (1st Prize), "Young Galicia 2012" (1 Prize), "Venok Slobozhanshchiny 2012"(1st prize), "Art-extravaganza 2012" (2nd prize), "Jerelo nadіy 2012" (2nd prize), "Slavic talents 2011" (1st Prize), "The Flower of Hope 2011" (Czech Republic) (3rd prize), "Dance Song Fest 2012", entered the Top 20 best performers of EURO START 2012, got organizer's award (1st place in her category) at San Remo Junior 2014. Also she became the winner of the International Children's Festival "Little Miss World 2012" in Turkey. Various videos of her performances can be seen here and here.

For about 1.5-2 hours daily Sonya is training vocals, as well as acting skills and stage presentation. Her favourite school subjects are drawing, music, math. Sonya has a pet - Bernese Mountain Dog called Danny. In her spare time Sonya loves to ride her bike (and in winter she loves skiing and skating), paint (including oil painting), weaving beads, reading, biking, skiing, skating, chatting with friends, watching funny movies, a variety of creative TV shows. Favorite movie - "Hachiko", cartoon - "Lilo & Stitch". Loves different trends of pop music (especially jazz), wants to sing a duet with Adele. Favorite Ukrainian artists - brothers Borisenko, Tina Karol, Ani Lorak. Favorite from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest - Ralf Mackenbach. Her favorite cartoon character is "SpongeBob." Credo and the motto: "Never give up, fight to the end". Dream: that there were no wars and orphans, to become a singer and to give people happiness with her singing.

Marta Rak was born on January 29, 2001 in the city of Novoyavorivsk in Lviv region. From the age of 8 years she is playing the piano, from the age of 10 takes singing lessons.

She is the winner of the Grand Prix of vocal competition at the festival "Paradise Holiday" (2014, Greece), performed at the music awards "Yuna 2014", together with Sofia Tarasova, and Galina Dubok. At the "Star Voice" contest (2013, Kyiv) won certificate for the rotation of the original songs on 180 radio stations in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, the Baltic States. Participant of "New Wave Junior 2014", winner of the "Moloda Galychyna" (Young Halychyna) in 2013 (held in Novoiavorivsk) (3rd prize), "Spіvogray 2013" (2nd prize), "Euro kids Art 2013" (Italy) (3rd prize). Winner of the title Miss Young Lviv and Young Miss Ukraine 2013. Together with TV center "Kadriki" has released several music videos: "Malvi", "Teche voda" and "Tiha nich". A number of her videos you can see here.

Apart from music, Marta loves dancing, reading, and writing music and poetry. She has also tried her hand at being a presenter of children's programs on Ukrainian TV channels (for example "Zirkova shkola" on TV channel ZIK). Marta likes outdoor activities, especially in the Carpathians, and also swimming. Among her favorite music styles are pop music and jazz. Marta's cherished dream is to become a famous singer and present her music to the public. Among the international artists that she would like to duet with are Philip Kirkorov, Celine Dion, and Toni Braxton, while among Ukrainian performers she would like to sing with Ani Lorak and Tina Karol. Marta values kindness, sincerity and purposefulness in people. Her favorite cartoons are "Winnie the Pooh" and "Ну, погоди (Well, just you wait!)", and her favorite movie is "Titanic", since her favorite actor Leonardo DiCaprio plays the lead. The most exciting feelings and impressions that Marta have experienced in her life are connected with her participation and victories in contests. Her credo and motto in life is to "move forward and not give up".

Amaliya Kryms'ka was born in Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine, on September 27, 2002. She plays piano and started to attend music classes at the age of 5. Her creative career started age 6 with victories in the contests "Mini svit krasy Ukrainy" (Mini beauty world of Ukraine), and "Step by step", where she won the Grand Prix.

Participated in many festivals and competitions in Crimea. In 2010, Amaliia gave her first solo concert at a charity event called "City of childhood" for orphans in Simferopol, which was dedicated to Children's Day. She has also taken part in festivals like "Nasha zemlia - Ukraina" ("Our land - Ukraine") in Artek, where she performed her own songs about Ukraine, as well as the festival "Shchaslyvi doloni" ("Happy palms"). In 2011 Amaliya was the special guest of the festival "My dity tvoi, Ukraina" ("Ukraine, we are your children") which she co-hosted together with popular showman Timur Miroshnychenko (who had previously hosted Junior Eurovision in 2009 and 2013). In 2011 Amaliya became winner of the award "Breakthrough of the Year 2011" of TV of Crimea, winner of the first place in the competition "Almaly.kz 2014" (Kazakhstan). Participant of "New Wave Junior" semifinal and Paradise Holiday" festival. Holder of the title "Mini Miss Ukraine" 2008. In 2012 released hit-single "Granny DJ" composed specially for her by popular rap singer Potap. Various her videos can be seen here and here.

In her free time, she likes drawing, listening to music, watching movies, playing the guitar, dancing, boxing, going skating and roller-skating, and riding her bike. Favorite music style: RNB. She would like to sing a duet with Christina Aguilera, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Adam Lambert. Favorite hero - Justin Bartha in the movie "The Rebound". The most striking impression in her life - the news of the birth of a younger sister. Her motto in life is "Always reach your aim". Dream: to become a good person to bring happiness to people, goodness and positive.


For help in writing the song for the contest, young singers turned to the famous composer and producer of Zlata Ognevich Mikhail Nekrasov, who also provided last year's JESC entry for Sofia Tarasova. "The girls are very talented, and they are good friends, it is immediately obvious. And friendship is the best ensemble. This is basically what I was won over with. They came up to me after the semi-final of the national preselection and asked if I could write the song for the, and I thought: why not? The project eventually turned to be very interesting eventually". In preparations of the group also participated Zlata Ognevich who gave girls master classes in vocals. "When we met for the first time, I liked them a lot. Girls are with character, and this is very important. Each of them has her own unique talent that I tried not to break, but in the same time to give them something new". Image and styling for the young girls was developed by composer's wife Victoriya Nekrasova.

On July 10 Mikhail Nekrasov invited Eurovision fans to offer names for the new trio, which was preparing to participate in the national Junior Eurovision final:

"I'm considering nontrivial format for Junior Eurovision. It is desirable that the name is short, English-language, understandable and not violating copyrights of others".

At the end was chosen the proposal of Larisa Ulyanova:

"I propose to name a group "Sympho-Nick". Why? Firstly, it seems to me, for the trio it sounds quite in tune! Secondly, the title is related to the music, thirdly it unites both classic and modern, [Sympho] - a prefix used in titles of different styles, indicating the direction of the sound of music with symphonic arrangements. It is associated with serious and high quality music. [Nick], nickname, used in the modern world as internet user name "

and Sympho-Nick lead by Mikhail Nekrasov have recorded song "Pryyde vesna" accompanied by a symphony orchestra for the contest.

"Lyrics of the song young singers co-wrote together with Yevgeny Matyushenko, with whom in the past year we have been working on a song of Sofia Tarasova "We are one". In musical production I was helped by advisers and arrangers from Sweden, Germany and Ukraine. With a powerful drive drums have been recorded by John O'Reilly Jr. from Pennsylvania (USA), and finally life to the composition was breathed in by the string orchestra. Song appeared in a rather non-standard genre for the Junior Eurovision"

"We are sincerely happy with the victory! Big thanks goes to our fans who voted for us, supported us, thanks to all our friends! We are just extremely happy!", - say girls. - "We want our country to prosper, to be united and independent, and that every Ukrainian could do a miracle with his own hands, this is what we sing in our song. We promise that we will try to perform at Malta just great and get a prize for Ukraine!".

"We have a very gentle, magical song. It talks about spring - when nature awakes up after a long hibernation and blooms again. Same thing happens with Ukraine, despite all the difficulties our country is currently experiencing, we are confident that the situation will soon improve and our country will get it's spring thaw as well. Each of us is holding a leaf in the hand and there is ground (Marta), seed (Amaliya) and water (Sofiya). It's quite symbolic when we put everything into the ground where a plant has grown out. It is a sunflower that appears on the screen behind us in the end of the performance. This plant has waken up when spring comes."


Last year's entrant Sofia Tarasova to announce results of Ukrainian voting at Junior Eurovision 2014. Earlier she has appeared as guest of the national preselection final with "Zminite vse", and will shortly release Ukrainian and English version ("Make a change") music videos for the same song.


- Hi, Sympho-Nick! Our congratulations for being selected representatives of Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest! Can you please introduce yourselves to us?
- Hi!
- I'm Amaliya Krymskaya, I'm 12 years old, and I'm from Simferopol.
- I'm Sofia Kutsenko, I'm 12 years old, and I'm from Kharkiv.
- I'm Marta Rak, I'm 13 years old, and I'm from the Lviv.
- Sofia, you were taking part in the preselection for the second time, and as the winner of the "Music Academy of Eurovision" you had the right to enter national final as solo act. How did it happen, that you were united in a trio?
- All three of us became the winners of the second season of "Music Academy of Eurovision", and it so happened that we've learnt about it being also together. During the project, we became good friends, and it was hard for us to imagine, how can we compete against each other for the right to represent Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The idea to unite and perform together came just spontaneously! And now we are very happy that we decided to do so.
- What is your contest entry "Spring Will Come" about?
- Our song "Spring will come" is about Ukraine, the country that is home to many talented and beautiful people. It is about the belief that once even the coldest days will pass away, and the spring will come. About the miracle that exists, we need only to learn to dream, to believe in such miracles, and to create it with our own hands, and then we will succeed in everything.
- Tell us how was it created and who did help you with it?
- With the creation of our song we were assisted by the talented people of our country - the great composer Mikhail Nekrasov and lyricist Evgeny Matyushenko.
- You have recorded your song in a mix of Ukrainian and English. Your predecessor Sofia Tarasova has also released the radio version of her entry completely in English. Do you plan to do the same?
- Maybe. We still have time for this.
- On the stage you perform as trio, and as maximum there are allowed up to 6 persons. Are you planning to take more of your friends with you on stage, for example, as dancers?
- No, there are no such plans.
- Who is working with you on your staging and will there be any changes in it compared to the national final?
- Maybe there will be some changes. Let it remain a surprise. And we're working with choreographer Tatyana Ostroverh.
- And who has created your outfits? Whether they will be different in Malta?
- We love our costumes, and we think that there will be no significant changes in them.
- Do you plan to film the music video for your song? And how would you it to be?
- We would definitely like to make a music video, but it will be only after the international final of JESC 2014. We want it to be magical, fabulous.
- Have you been following the Junior Eurovision in past years? Are there any songs that you can remember?
- Of course, we have followed the JESC. We remember such catchy things as Lerika's "Sensation", Gaia Cauchi's "The Start", Sofia Tarasova's "We are one", Monica Avanesyan's "Chocolate Factory".
- Have you managed to talk with past JESC entrants, whether they gave you any tips?
- We are chatting a lot with Sonya Tarasova. She didn't give us any tips, but wished good luck, good mood and cool performance.
- Do you want to know who will be other competitors in Malta, do you listen to the songs of other participating countries, or may be you have already got acquainted with the other contestants, perhaps on the internet?
- We carefully and with great interest listen to all the participants who have already presented their entries for the contest.
- What is the goal you set for yourself at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest?
- We want to present our country to the European public, to show to the world that Ukraine is a country of talented people, in which live beautiful, kind and talented kids! And, of course, to get stage experience with which nothing else can compare.
- You had taken part in many musical competitions before in your career. And in what other contests would you still like to participate?
- Perhaps in the "New Wave Junior", but we will think about it after Malta.

- You live in different cities, do you still manage to spend together?
- Of course, we would like to see more of time together, but we meet whenever come to classes and rehearsals in Kyiv. And, of course, telephone and internet help us as well.
- Do you have any common interests that bring together all three of you?
- Of course, this is MUSIC!
- Is there any leader in your trio? Or how else do you decide disputable issues?
- In our trio there is no leader, and we don't have any disputes, we all know how to negotiate.
- Are you planning to continue working as the trio, to record some other songs? Maybe there are some well-known hits, that you would like to sing together?
- We love to sing together. But at the moment there is no time to be distracted by other plans.
- Each of you is also the holder of several "Mini Miss" titles. Would you like to pursue a career not only in singing, but also in modelling? Or do you have any other plans for the future?
Sofia: - I do not thing about modelling, I dream of a singing career, though, I don't rule out other creative professions.
Amaliya: - I'd love to get myself the career of an actress.
Marta: - I really want to become a singer, but I don't not rule out the possibility of a modelling or TV presenter career.
- Thank you for the interview and success in you preparations for the contest, see you in Malta!
- Thank you for your attention to us. We hope for your support in Malta!


Very soon trio "Sympho-Nick" will go to Malta to participate in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. A very important stage of preparation for the international final trio is accompanied by active rehearsals with the choreographer on the improvement of the stage presentation, lessons in singing and acting. Despite a busy schedule, Amaliya, Sophiya and Marta found time to chat with fans, visit radio broadcasts and participate in the filming of the children's programs at the First National channel.

Interesting stories about the everyday life of the young stars, as well as their hobbies outside of music, relationships with classmates, the appearance of fans and many other useful tips from Amaliya, Sophiya and Marta, viewers will be able to learn in the program "School of Mary Poppins" that will be aired on November 9 at 13:30. Watch the program here.

Girls of the trio "Sympho-Nick" came to visit Sashok Lirnik and gladly took part in the famous fairy tale story of "The Three Little Pigs," which in the original storytelling by Sashok involving permanent co-host the cat acquired a new meaning. So, you can see the special episode of "Tales of Sashok Lirnik" on November 14 at 14:30 the First National.

Viewers will learn how are going the busiest days of rehearsals with the choreographer, classes in vocal and acting, as well as the history of Ukraine's participation in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest watching program "Hochu Buty" on the day of the final on November 15 at 13:25.



Composer and producer Mikhail Nekrasov has published video titled "Working moments of rehearsals of representatives of Ukraine at Junior Eurovision 2014". As vocal coach with girls is working participant of Eurovision 2013, hostess of Junior Eurovision 2013 Zlata Ognevich.


Here you can watch online-conference with the members of Ukrainian trio Sympho-Nick, which took place in premises of press-center of the website "Obozrevatel". During the conference girls have performed acapella extracts of "Spring Will Come" and "Kvitka-dusha". Reports from conference were featured today on NewsOne and Tonis channels.

Trio will be performing the song "Spring Will Come", co-written with Mikhail Nekrasov. According to the artists themselves, it brings together all of them, their styles and contains pieces of their souls. This song is "about the wonderful Ukraine, in which each person is talented in their own way, and in which everyone, regardless of age, can make a miracle with their own hands". Among the other competitors, they noted contestant from Bulgaria, however, saying that all the songs are strong and all participants deserve to win. With them girls will bring promotional products: T-shirts, stickers and postcards as souvenirs for participants and journalists.

In the rare spare time they get, Amaliya loves to play guitar and piano, go for walks in the woods or at sea with family and friends, walk in the park, Sofiya is engaged in choreography and vocals, also plays the piano, and moreover draws and makes different crafts. Marta besides piano practices dancing, acting and has been very fond of reading, especially detective stories.



Last Friday, representatives of the Ukraine, trio Sympho-Nick were the guests of the show "Radiopres" on radio station "Promin". They presented to the Ukrainian radio listeners their song "Spring Will Come" and talked about their preparations for the finals of the international song contest. Other guests of the program were representatives of NTU Lily Iamborak and Timur Miroshnichenko, journalists of Teleprostir Volodimir Mula and FM-TV Vladimir Biryukov, who discussed not only the country's participation in the Junior competition, but also the problems of participation in adult Eurovision.

"In addition to the vocals and choreography classes, we participate in various programs on the First National Channel. We have already took part in "Kazki lіrnika Sashka", "School of Mary Poppins" and "I want to be". We also find time to talk with our and Eurovision fans at various on-line conferences", told members of the band. "Unfortunately, we have not had time to talk with any of the participants from other countries yet, but we hope that in Malta we will become friends with all of them".

"Song "Spring Will Come" reflects primarily the internal state of the girls. It's gentle, lyrical composition with dynamic accents. Of course it reflects also the current situation in the country and gives hope for a brighter future. With this song girls wanted to show that there still exists and lives faith in the future, that spring will eventually come, spring of free and independent Ukraine", says Lily Iamborak.

On the question of whether it is appropriate to perform patriotic song at the Junior Eurovision, Timur Miroshnichenko said: "Eurovision stage - this is a serious foothold in order to show own position, own idea, to bring it to the European audience, so I think it's absolutely the right decision". He also said that at this time all the experts and fans of competition positively assess Ukraine's entry. "Sympho-Nick are already very professional artists, as agrees everyone, who saw the performance of the group".

In her turn, Lily Iamborak told that at the moment there is no decision on whether next year NTU will continue to participate in the Junior competition, or it can also take a year break, as on the adult one. Speaking about the vote of the Crimea, Iamborak replied that in Junior competition situation will be addressed in the same way as at the adult Eurovision: these votes will be counted depending on numbers of which country mobile operators those SMS votes will be sent.

You can listen to the recording of the program (in Ukrainian) here.



Members of the trio Sympho-Nick have attended online-conference at the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" and have informed on their preparations for the international competition. To Malta will travel 12-year-old Sofia Kutsenko from Kharkiv, Amaliya Kryms'ka from Simferopil and 13-year-old Marta Rak from Lviv, who will perform the song "Spring Will Come". Watch the complete online-conference here: part1, part2.

"Our song has both lyrical, and more energetic elements", - says Marta. - "As we all sing in different styles, we decided to make a mix. Usually, I sing slower music, Amaliya - faster, and Sonya - jazzy, so in our song we have united styles so that it is comfortable for all of us, so the song reflects the inner world of each of us". "As a whole - our song is about Ukraine, in which every person is talented in his own way", - adds Amaliya. - "It says that every person, despite his age, can work wonders". "You need to know how to dream, to believe in your dream and then it will for sure come true", say Sonya.

The line-up of the trio is symbolic in itself: west, east and south of Ukraine united together. Usually, in all interviews, Sofia and Amaliya speak in Russian, and Marta in Ukrainian. Amaliya Kryms'ka (Crimean) really comes from Crimea - she was born and lives in Simferopil. When asked about the reaction in Crimea to the fact she is representing Ukraine at the contest, Amaliya says so: "People treat these news very well. I was born and live in Ukraine, it's my home country. At home everyone will support me and cheer for me". By the way, since Sofia, Amaliya and Marta live in different cities, it makes it a bit difficult with rehearsals: every week on Fridays girls meet in Kyiv, and on Sunday travel back home.

The contestants chose not to reveal yet all the details of the presentation, staged by renowned choreographer Tatyana Ostroverh (who also did staging for Zlata Ognevich in ESC). They only mention that the performance will be enchanting, beautiful, magical and there will be one special prop on the stage. There will be no extra dancers besides three girls. "Our outfits remained the same, our pale blue dresses, designed by ​​Viktoriya Nekrasova, we do not plan to change anything in them. We like them a lot, they are light, airy, and well-suited to our song". "There still is something to work on and we're working hard, but if taking it as a whole, the staging is almost ready". There were minor changes in the arrangement done, and the latest version was submitted as part the official preview video, no other changes are planned for now.

"Speaking about the mascots, I have a small dog, I call her Shusha, I bring it everywhere to the competitions, for more than five years, then of course my cross, and before going on stage, I'm trying to just isolate and collect my thoughts ", says Sonya. "I also have a lucky charm - it's my cross, which is from childhood always with me, and before going on stage, I also try to tune in to give people a piece of my soul, my mood", says Amaliya. "My lucky charm is a prayer, I always read it before any performance, and it always helps me", adds Marta. Also, before going on stage the girls shake their hands and loudly shout the name of their group. To the contest with Sonya will go both her parents, with Marta her mother and with Amaliya her granny, since her parents have to stay home with her little sister. Also they will be joined by rather large support group of friends.

Girls have already listened to the songs of other countries, and all together name as their favourite representative of Bulgaria. "All participants are very talented, all the songs are very strong, and every song is worthy of victory, but we liked the most the girl from Bulgaria, such a little girl with such a strong voice". The girls themselves say they are working hard to bring Ukraine the best possible result, and may be even victory. "We are ready to fight for the first place!.

On October 28 at 12:00 press-conference devoted to the participation of Ukraine at Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place at premises of "Obozrevatel" website press-center. Fans can leave their questions here.


Every day, starting October 22, at 11:55 and 17:15 local time on the First National Channel of Ukraine - preview videos of 16 countries taking part in the Junior Eurovision 2014, as well as short introductions of the participants. Program about JESC entrants will be hosted by Timur Miroshnichenko, who will also, as usual, be commentator fo the contest broadcast itself. You can check bios of the participants in Ukrainian here.

Last year's entrant Sofia Tarasova to announce results of Ukrainian voting at Junior Eurovision 2014. Earlier she has appeared as guest of the national preselection final with "Zminite vse", and will shortly release Ukrainian and English version ("Make a change") music videos for the same song.

On 23rd of October at 10.30 local time (9.30 CET) will be held online-conference with artists of production center "PARADIZ", representatives of Ukraine at Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 trio "Sympho-Nick": Marta Rak, Sofia Kutsenko and Amaliya Kryms'ka. Girls will speak about their preparations for the contest, will share their excitement and emotions.

You can already leave your questions to "Sympho-Nick" members here on the site of newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Fill in your name, e-mail, question, solve captcha and hit "submit" button.



Busy day today for members of Ukrainian trio "Sympho-Nick".

Girls became guests of the kids program "Kazky lirnika Sashka" (Tales of a lyre player Sashok), where together with host Alexandr Vlasyuk told little viewers "The Story of Three Little Pigs", gave an exclusive interview for the site of NTU about Junior Eurovision preparations and took part in a new photo shoot. Program and interview with JESC contestants will be released in the nearest future.



Members of Ukrainian group "Sympho-Nick" have recorded series of promotional video, introducing members of the group and inviting to support it during the broadcast of Junior Eurovision Song Contest in November.

You can watch the videos here:

Introducing members of the trio, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4.


Young artists of production center "Paradiz" trio "Sympho-Nick", which this year will travel to Malta to represent Ukraine at Junior Eurovision, are now actively preparing for the show. Together with famous composer and producer Mikhail Nekrasov, everyday Sofia, Marta and Amaliya spend on the rehearsals, where actively practice stage presentation of their entry, which actually will now has official title in English as "Spring Will Come".



Members of Sympho-Nick group Sofia Kutsenko and Amaliya Krymskaya, joined by Anna Ustenko, will become hosts of new TV show "Dream Team" that will be aired on MusicBoxUA channel every Thursday at 17.00 local time (16.00 CET).

Dream Team is entertainment show with teenagers and for teenagers. Each program is a guide to the most interesting places where one can have fun. Merry company of hosts will become guides to the world of entertainment for teenagers. Hosts will take a peek at the production of ice cream, will visit amusement park, look behind the scenes of the circus, in the world of carbonated water and not only that.

Show can be followed online here.


On April 29, the National Television Company of Ukraine has announced the launch of the national preselection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014. From May 1 to June 28 2014 applications for the participation in the competition were accepted in accordance with the preselection rules.

On June 4, the broadcaster invited it's audience to nominate candidates for the composition of the jury. Nominated Ukrainian people of arts had to be authoritative experts in the fields of: music, education, television, stage design, vocal arts, management or show business. Nominations were accepted until June 23.

On June 25 semi-final jury line-up, compiled on the basis of proposals from the audience, was announced. It included:

  • Natalya Medvedeva, vocal coach
  • Mikhail Nekrasov, composer, music producer
  • Andrey Frantsuz, composer, music producer
  • Angela Kopotya, head of "Dance Studios A6"
  • Illaria, singer, finalist of preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014
On June 29 at the studio of the National Television Company of Ukraine was held internal semi-final of the national selection, which identified the names of the 19 finalists. They were: Elizaveta Zadoya, Polyanna Ryzhak, Anna Nikonova, duo "Double Smile", Sofia Yaremova, Victoria Svyatogor, Trio "Smile", Stasy MJ, duo "Zvyozdnaya kapel", Maria Tarnavska, Anna Lihota, Anna Trincher, Sofia Rol, Yuliana Vasilovska, Veronica Erohova, Nina and Vasya Boikovy, Denis Frolov, Vocal Ensemble "Zabava" (younger group), Yaryna Taras. You can watch performances from semifinal of the national selection here.

Photo: NTU02030405060708091011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132

According to the rules of the national selection, 20th place in the final, directly without participation in the semifinal, was awarded to the winner of the show "Music Academy of Eurovision 2013-2014" Sofia Kutsenko, who opted to take part as part of trio with two other winners of the "Academy" - Amaliya Krymskaya and Marta Rak. The results of "Academy" were determined by online voting: 1. Sofia Kutsenko 7620, 2. Andriy Boyko 5823, 3. Amaliya Krymskaya 4843, 4. Darigha Sakenova (Kazakhstan) 4673, 5 Marta Rak 4622 votes. Andriy Boyko was also selected to represent Ukraine in competitions "Slavic Bazaar 2014" and "New Wave Junior 2014", and Marta Rak - "New Wave Junior 2014".

After the semi-final of national preselection, jury member Mikhail Nekrasov said:
"This year the level of competition was much stronger. Preparation of participants was more focused - children understand where and why they are going, what emotion they want to pass to the audience. I think the final will be very interesting - there are represented different genres, different styles of singing, can be felt patriotic spirit and there will be a lot of original stage shows. This will be a real children's holiday, that makes me very happy. It didn't went without surprises: after the preselection round I was approached by three participants - a trio of winners of "Music Academy of Eurovision" - the girls themselves, without their parents and teachers came up to me and asked if I could write a song for them. It's amazing, because they had a clear understanding of the music format! With such children Ukraine will have only a bright future! Given their situation (there is a very short time left) and their talent - I decided to participate in this project. Unfortunately, my participation as an author excludes the possibility of my presence at the judges' table for the final of the national preselection".

On July 7, it was announced that the contestant Polyanna Ryzhak was disqualified from the selection, since her song "Tse Ukrayina" was a cover version of Miley Cyrus "Nobody's Perfect". To the final was admitted reserve candidate, the group "Fresh". On July 15 it was also learned that, given the violations found in respect of rules about the song, in particular the release date, as well as the absence of copyrights for the song, was disqualified group "Zabava" with the song "Ukrayina, nene". On August 1 it was announced that Anna Nikonova (song "Vsi dity pragnut myru") would be unable to attend the final for the personal reasons. Thus, the total number of finalists was reduced to 18.

Since July 15, the First National TV Channel of Ukraine was broadcasting short programs "I want to sing", introducing the participants of the national selection. They can be watched here. Several participants of the preselection have also released music videos on their entries: Stasy MJ - Povernit moyu mriyu, Denis Frolov - Sontse, Anna Trincher - Nebo znae

In late July, the young participants of preselection went to a children's recreation center "Artek-Karpaty" (Bukovel), where they worked with a vocal coach, choreographer, psychologists, arrangers etc. Specifically, actress and TV hostess Ruslana Pysanka held a master class in acting skills. Starting August 6 "Diaries of JESC 2014" started being aired on the First National channel, they can be watched here.


On August 5 was announced the line-up of jury for the national final. Andrey Frantsuz, whose candidacy was nominated by audience of the broadcaster, remained in jury and he was joined by 4 new members:
  • Andrey Frantsuz, composer, music producer
  • Gaia Cauchi, Malta, winner of JESC 2013
  • Eldar Gasimov, Azerbaijan, winner of Eurovision 2011
  • Alexander Zlotnik, composer, People's Artist of Ukraine
  • Ruslana Pysanka, actress, TV hostess
Final of the national Ukrainian preselection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 was broadcasted on the First National TV Channel on August 9 at 21:00. It's result was determined jointly by televoting (50%) and professional jury vote (50%). No more than 20 SMS messages from the same telephone number were allowed.
As guests of the national preselection have appeared Gaia Cauchi, Zlata Ognevich (Eurovision 2013, hostess of Junior Eurovision 2013) in a duet with Eldar Gasimov with premiere of the song "Ice & Fire", as well as Sofia Tarasova (JESC 2013) and performers of the production center "Paradiz".

Winners of the national final with the song "Pryyde vesna" was trio "Sympho-Nick", who got the biggest number of votes of the audience and the highest rank from the members of the professional jury.

# Performer Age, city Song Televoting Jury Total 01. Anna Trincher 12, Kyiv "Nebo znaye" (Heaven knows) 7 (235) 10 17 02. Duet "Zvyozdnaya Kapel" (Elina Sosnovksa, Alim Khakimov) 14-15, Zhovtneve, Crimea "Oberig" (Lucky charm) 3 (91) 5 8 03. Anna Likhota 12, Alchevsk "Vohon" (Fire) 6 (207) 8 14 04. Trio "Fresh" 11-12, Ivano-Frankivsk "Angely svitla" (Angels of light) 10 (512) 11 21 05. Veronika Yerokhova 15, Kyiv "Znov shchasliva ya" (Again I am happy)" 1 (43) 6 7 06. Viktoriya Svyatohor 14, Kyiv "Ya molyusya za tebe" (I'm praying for you) 13 (554) 14 27 07. Duet "Double Smile" (Sofia & Anastasia Dobryvecher) 13-15, Kyiv "Omriyana zemlya" (Wonderland) 15 (596) 9 24 08. Yaryna Taras 9, Ivano-Frankivsk "Moya Ukrayina" (My Ukraine) 9 (491) 14 23 09. Stasy MJ 12, Kyiv "Povernit moyu mriyu" (Return my dream) 14 (577) 12 26 10. Denis Frolov 14, Kyiv "Sontse" (Sun) 11 (540) 13 24 11. Vasilisa & Nina Boikovy 11-15, Kyiv "Moya stikhiya" (My element) 16 (662) 17 33 12. Trio "Smile" Kyiv "Up and Down" 17 (900) 16 33 13. Sofiya Rol 11, Kyiv "V tvoyikh dolonyakh vse" (Everything is in your hands) 12 (541) 15 27 14. Elizaveta Zadoya 12, Aleksandria "Vesna" (Spring) 2 (84) 9 11 15. Sofiya Yaremova 13, Kyiv "We're Ukraine" 5 (190) 7 12 16. Mariya Tarnavska 10, Odesa "Doroga do lyubovi" (Road to love) 8 (294) 15 23 17. Sympho-Nick 12, Kharkiv, Simferopol, Lviv "Pryyde vesna" (Spring is coming) 18 (1412) 18 36 18. Yuliana Vasilovska 13, Kolomya "Tviy nomer - odyn" (Your number is one) 4 (139) 14 18

Photo: Bukovel.com0203040506070809101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536373839404142434445464748495051525354555657585960616263

After the completion of the competition, legal association "Yuskutum", which was invited by the organizers for the independent verification of the results of national preselection, has issued a statement claiming that a "substantial and apparent violations in the SMS voting process were identified" and rejected to recognize the result. What exactly were the violations, the representatives of "Yuskutum" have not reported in their statement.

As it appeared, during the national preselection occurred unforeseen technical failure - telephone operator stopped sending the results from the server with the voting - thus televoting results posted on the website were preliminary, on the time of system failure, Premilmiary results and therefore during the live broadcast no detailed voting results were announced. The final official results of SMS voting were announced two days after preselection, on August 11, but they did not significantly change the outcome, in particular the winner.

Several parents of participants, who did not win the contest, published in the internet, signed and sent to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, General Director of NTU Zurab Alasania, head of National Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine Oleg Nalivaiko, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and other institutions petition demanding to verify the results of the vote and ensure a fair selection of the representative of Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision. There was no public reaction to the petition.

From August 12 to 15, members of the largest unofficial fan-club "Eurovision Ukraine" have conducted open internet poll, results of which to the large extent corresponded with official, trio "Sympho-Nick" has triumphed on it as well.

Источник: http://esckaz.com/jesc/2014/ukr.htm

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